The Weeping forest chapter 1

    The forest gained its name from the screams and crying. Years and years of the painful sounds echoed though the dark and gloomy forest. A group finally wanting to find the reasons for the heartbroken cries go to the path and wonder in, warning and signs telling them to turn back got no second glance as they followed the distant cries. They wandered for on a few moments but to them it felt like hours or was it months?. Everyone walked away from each other as if pulled away but a voice luring them to their fitting ends and each will have a painful ending one way or another it can’t be stopped no matter how much they scream or beg.

    The twins were the first to find the reason from the crying child but something was horrible wrong, she had no eyes just black sockets and when the small child looked up she ran to the twins and pounced of them but she mostly wanted the sister. Her eyes were what she wanted she needed her eyes. Piercing blue eyes that matched hers, if she got her eyes back she could leave and the monster wouldn’t couldn’t scare her anymore. After a few moment the poor girl had her eyes ripped out but half way though this her brother ran off leaving his poor twin to suffer alone now in her pitch black world she’s now forced to live in. The little girl held the eyes in her bloody hand staring at them before she shoved them into her head blinking a few times, a smirk spread across her face she looked down and the girl holding her face screaming in pain “my eyes! you stole my eyes!” the little girl only smirked and skipped off happily singing to herself while the twin brother ran and ran trying to find the path to leave the hell of a forest but right behind him was the monster that was only shadows and smoke black as midnight but its glowing red eyes could burn a hole into anyone. He better pray and hope he doesn’t turn around or trip or he’s going to be going though worse than the sister he left behind to suffer alone to herself. 


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