Blank Minds

Nothing is more horrible then a blank mind. Sitting in class with no ideas and coming up with a quick bullshit story to type. Today has been a bad day I’m going to change because i work right after school but I want everyone to be happy and have a good work shift with a happy me but we will be very busy now that McDonalds is closed. Yesterday was the last day for McDonalds until it opens in one hundred days.I work in the kitchen making the food and it’s stressful if you only one person is in the kitchen but it’s so easy when there is two or three people working with you. Sometimes people fight that happens when we are stressed it’s ok turn yourself off and not turn on again until you are ready to. I have days where I love to work! that’s because of the people I work with they make it so much fun and time flies faster when someone is having fun. So pretty much this story was nothing important since my mind was blank of ideas for today since I was so tired and stressed  but it only gets better right? I’m only staying positive. I’m saving all this money for a car so when I get out of high school I can leave for college. Well goodnight and good day fellow readers and writers.


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