almost three years

It has been almost three years for my relationship with the love of my life I remember when I asked him to meet me after class so I could tell him my feelings for him. I finally got the guts to tell him how I felt and my heart flutter when he told me he shared the same feelings and we started to date. The first few days was full of shyness but over time we grew closer and almost three years have passed since our freshmen year in high school. When he came over to spend time with me we would play video games but mostly left for dead 2 or Mortal Combat there was even wins and loses but mostly he won. He has seen me at my weakest when my mother was going in for emergency surgery I was sitting in my living room curled up crying alone and he just held me saying everything was ok and she would be ok I refused to let him go only asking if he could stay with me until my dad got home. Cody has been my strength and my happiness friends and family like to joke saying how we will make a perfect married couple and we have even agreed ourselves, sometimes friends like to even joke of what our children would look like and I find it embarrassing how they would think of that but I tell them “I’m only in high school let me get out of school before the thoughts of kids is brought up”. Cody is someone I never want to lose he’s an amazing guy and yes girls always say “my boyfriend is amazing” but Cody is different he’s sweet and he cares what I feel or think and he’s always there when I need him, if I’m ever hurt he’s always the first one to jump in and protect me from anything so all I have to say is I love him and I never want to lose him.


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