I’m On A Murder Break

“Two month I’ve been murder free two god damn months and I really want to drive my virgin blade across someone’s skin wanting to hear them beg for their lives but for now I’m listening to “Counting Sheep” by SAFIA I’m wanting to do something fun with my time but I’m stuck here doing nothing and slowly gathering dust. I’m a feared mass murderer and I’m here bored out of my mind or well what’s left of it I can’t really remember when I lost my mind or If I ever really had one but It doesn’t matter I’m talking to you for a reason even If you are fake you are still here talking with me. So I bet you are wondering how I became this way? well let’s go back to my childhood then mommy and daddy locked me in my bedroom and pretended I didn’t exist never told anyone I was there child. So one day I got free and stabbed my father and short story I enjoyed it then I waited till mom came home and I killed her to. Twenty five years I’ve killed anyone and everyone because I enjoy It and I won’t stop until I die or I’m killed so let me ask you this…are you ready to face your sins?”


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