Black Lamb

“I grew up as the black lamb in my family but it’s not a phrase I really am a black lamb. People grow up and on their eighteenth birthday they become half animal and sadly I’m a black lamb. Everyone hates black lambs since they say we are heartless and that we are blamed for everything that goes wrong in the world like we are black cats but the black cats aren’t blamed we lambs are but why you might ask? It’s easy really people think we will be the ones to cause the world to burn. I’m eighteen today and I’m a black lamb waiting for my parents to come home and see their son a black lamb but maybe I’ll become what everyone fears, If mom and dad can’t accept me as a black lamb then I’ll kill them paint the walls with their blood cut them open and let everyone know I’m the reason my parents are dead. I was right they started to scream and blame each other for me being a black lamb so I raised my knife and stabbed my dad in the back shoving the blade so deep it became part of his spine. I pulled away from my dad and stalked over to my mother who was begging crying for me to stop but I only smiled and buried my blade into her chest watching the life leave her eyes. I walked outside I walked and walked until I couldn’t walk anymore I was tired I wanted food but I just laughed and looked at the sky”


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