Bored As Death

She’s always bored so when she’s bored the young woman goes off to find someone to play with unless you love the game murder. She runs after the person with any kind of weapons and if they get away from her they live if she finds them well you better tell her where you want to be buried. Today was different she wasn’t bored no matter what she did nothing bored her, finally she gave up and went to find someone but no one was around in the town it was empty. Hours passed mostly spent walking around trying to find someone anyone in the small town but there was only her. The woman finally gave up trying to find another living person so she sat on a bench waiting waiting and waiting for three days she waited for someone. On the forth day she realized why no one was in town the young woman killed everyone in town everyone was dead because she loved to play murder so much. So my advise for you friend is you better start running because she came to your town today and she’s right behind you and she’s ready to kill once again so don’t turn around just run and if she gets you tell her where to bury you friend.


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