Bloody Crown

40f3862d65a8161e4232567e1cfd3936.jpegA golden crown sitting on a king’s head but this king was slowly being consumed by grief and madness. He lost everything and now he’s slowly being eating by the darkness in his life. The king sat on his throne with a cold glare on his face ready to kill anyone who angers him more “my king please I know this is hard for you but she would want you to move on and be happy” the king stood up quickly and grabbed the smaller male “never speak of her again you swine!” the king stormed out and went to the garden her favorite place the rose garden. He sat down and picked up a few roses taking them to her grave under the willow tree. He never spoke when he was standing by her grave but he always gave her roses, her favorite flower “I wish I wasn’t so cruel to you my love your death is my fault you shouldn’t have died the way you did”. The king cleaned himself up then turned to walk away “I don’t blame you my king I never have” hearing her voice in the wind brought a smile to his face but it always broke his heart knowing his queen didn’t blame him for her death. From that day on he played with madness and it slowly took him over. He killed innocent people in horrible ways enjoying their pain. Years later a young man come to the king and killed him where he stood. The broken man of a king welcomed death and went into the arms of his queen crying like a small child. He cried and cried about all he has done in life but she just smiled and kissed his head telling him everything was ok and he is safe with her.


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