Bad day

October, 5 today was a bad day…I had to run out of a class today and to a teacher to help me with a panic attack. I never have attacks at school unless they are really bad and I need help getting though them. My teacher was informed about my attack and that I would need to run out to let it out. My best friend was informed about my attack by guidance to ask her if she could watch over me to see if I was ok. I am better but I know I will have another attack in my last class of the day so I know people will wonder why I had to run out while I’m typing this but if they are reading this I ran out to get some help. My attacks are horrible I curl up to myself and hug myself if I’m alone but if I’m lucky and I’m with someone I look to them for help. Normally I’m with my best friend so she helps me though them until I’m tired out or I stop crying. Panic attacks can start at anytime by the smallest of things if the person is stressed enough or if something has happened in their day. So today was a bad day for me and I’m very happy I don’t work today or I’ll cry and break down at work. I’m not typing this for you to pity me or make you say “I’m sorry” you don’t have to say anything but I do ask you if you help someone who is having an attack they will be very grateful to you. So help someone who really needs it the most.


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