Walking ArtProject

I always allow people to draw on me, I love to be colorful and different. But there is rules I will never allow people to draw anything bad on me or it will be washed out and redone. Today my new artist drew on me and they are so amazing I wish they would never wash away or fade away. It’s been so long since I’ve felt color on my blank surface so I feel like I’m fading away from sight, I’m blank, empty and I don’t like. Artists create a beautuful work of art on blank surfaces when they have a colorful mind. Since I’m only a canvas I have no say to when and what people draw on me, but today I’m beautiful, colorful and alive and I couldn’t be happier about my blank surface so full of color. But sadly it will be washed away and I will go back to being blank and colorless, until someone picks up a pen and draws on my skin once again. So look at the colors while they last or forever put the colors on your skin and keep the art and colors with you forever.

“Without art the Earth world would just be eh”


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