Everyone has a shadow but when someone is about to die their shadow is in the position of how they die. A man was walking home after work his car broke down but luckily he didn’t live to far away from his job. he noticed the lights no longer showed his shadow he knew what was going to happen but a few people can out run their deaths so he tried to out run his, sadly his death was close behind him and he was stabbed in the back by his best friend and the reason is very simple his wife was having an affair with his best friend and he wanted him out of the picture. The poor young man laid on the ground his shadow matching his death to the last detail it would look like it was painted on the ground if someone only looked once. But I’m here to tell you about your shadow you see its gone and it’s right behind you, you see I may know how you die or I might not but that will come soon enough believe me when I say that. I might be holding your death off just for a while but my father was killed and I called you here because I wanted to take my revenge for my father. You killed him because you wanted my mother but you see my mother didn’t want you so she demanded you leave and now i’m the one who is going to kill you but I’ll make sure that your death is very painful so turn around and see how you die you pig. Once you turn around what you see scares you, your body is torn apart and mangled it’s hard to tell what piece goes to what part of the body, you slowly turn around shaking but as soon as you do your arm is chopped off and limb by limb you are taken apart only hearing the laughter of your best friend’s child as they rip you apart.


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