Song lyrics put together

Red that’s all I see and I like it so much beautiful red. I will never be judged for my crime since no one knows it’s really me painting the town with such a beautiful red and I’ve been declared insane so set me free. If you wish my soul will freeze in hell. You’re the judge? oh no set me free!. I’m the red leader of this band of criminals and I will not stop no judge can stop me from my mission. You I hate you the most, fuck it’s you I hate the most. I just want to run and I’m out here alone burned and bleeding my plan failed and now I’m alone. Nobody will know I pray for you to come home and I’ve got a fire for a heart and a I’ve got a  river for a soul. You’re my chains and my angel of death and mercy but you’re a punishment I never want to get away from. You know of my crimes and you started to help me paint the town red but you vanished from my side and the water is still now you are gone from my sight.


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