“Hide just hide run away or else he will find you and rip you apart if you found this recording then it’s to late for me and I’m going to help you escape this hell and get back to the outside world and maybe you can lay my soul to rest as you get out. First you have to go to the basement and turn the power back on, once the power is back on go to the second floor and block the door with the huge metal case if you forget this step you will surely die don’t make the same mistake I did..once the door is blocked there will be a red door hidden by the stair case open it and unlock the door leave the room and close the door you will hear the wolves on the fire-place howl and a secret door open but make sure you set a fire after you get into the fire place it will close the door behind you. Lastly once you reach the end of the tunnel turn away and it will be over I promise just don’t forget these steps like I did and you will be ok, good luck” the video ends with the young women screaming and the camera dropping seeing her being dragged away and up the stairs only to be hung, she was kicking and flailing around until she stopped and went limp the last five seconds was of a dark laughter filling the empty room. Step by step you do the tasks the women told you to do but you kept an eye open for the room the women was last seen in and finally you find it but what you see scared you half to death, a life-size doll that matched you in every detail you saw something swinging above the ground turning your head slowly you see your body hanging over the railing of the stairs you were even wearing the same clothes “I-it was me? I’m already dead?!” you held your head falling to your knees screaming ripping your hair out curling up on the ground screaming at nothing and everything slowly you lost you mind and each person who wondered in like yourself years before you killed them just like how you were murdered.


“Let’s play hide and seek and your hiding”


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