marks-animal-claw-tracks-prints-trail-print-markThe claw marks on my face over my right eye have blinded my right eye and what for? power? fame? non of that actually, let me tell you why I gained these scars over my right eye. Today is October 31 Halloween and I’m working tired and sitting down typing away at my book in a local coffee shop when his young man walks in wearing a brown hoodie and to say this I felt my heart hammer in my chest but yeah it sounds like every romance story the girl saw the boy and fell head over heels but he’s different and I want to get to know this young man. I slowly walked over and started to speak to this man and I found out his name is Michael and he just moved here so I offered to show him around which he happily agreed to. When we finally finished it was maybe ten at night and he was looking around worried like something was about to happen, I tried to calm Michael down but to no avail he wouldn’t calm down and he backed away holding his head whimpering and crying. Worried he was in horrible pain I rushed over and tried to get him to answer my main questions  I asked, but a grip on my right arm pulled me back to reality and that’s when I saw it, Michael’s skin had turned grey and blackish color, horns started to push though his skin and I finally saw he had no control over this and he wanted my help but I didn’t know what to do. What I did was probably the worse thing to do, I pulled him in for a tight embrace trying to calm him down but I felt him push me away and claw my face, three long claw marks down my face and to my jaw. I scream and hold my bleeding face screaming and crying which makes Michael look at me with fear and shock like he couldn’t control what he is or was doing. The pain I was feeling burned like a thousand knives being shoved into my face. Michael ran away leaving me holding my bleeding face my hand and arm were covered in my own blood the same blood which kept me alive everyday, just might be the same reason I’m going to die tonight. I was scared and alone but what I did could have gotten me killed, but I knew I had to go after Michael and help him before I passed out from blood loss. Stumbling around was hard with being able to only see out of one eye and half a face. Finally I found Michael curled up in the shadows looking at his bloody claws he was crying and whimpering like a wild animal knowing what he did and he might have feared that he killed me. I slowly  walked over trying not to scare him not wanting to send him into a fury or something so when I walked over slowly I took his claws in my hand and smiled at him showing that I was fine despite my face and the amount of blood on my face and shirt. Watching the fear in his eyes turn to regret than horror which broke my soul and heart. “Why are you still here…? I hurt you..I-I look at you you’re covered in blood and it’s my fault I can’t change what I’ve done to you…” I calmly took his claws in my hands and held them gently looking him in his pure black eyes and smiled “we all have a curse, I have my own curse but I will help you through your curse if you will allow me” Michael smiled and held her close to his body, his body slowly shrinking in side back to his normal human size. His shirt was torn and his pants hung around his waist loosely but I gave him my coat to use as a belt. I walked him home but he wanted to take me to the hospital to get my face dealt with, I had to get over 200 stitches on the right side of my face, my face was covered in bandages but slowly they were taken off and in place of the cuts I had three long scars on the right side of my face but I wore them proudly. It showed that I was able to save someone and help them with their curse and fears. It’s been 10 years since that day and today I’m telling you the story of how your father and I got together and how I’ve been helping control the curse and keep him happy, but that’s easy since we have you two and soon your baby sister will be with us, just like I helped you both with your inner demons and maybe one day you will help your children with their demons. So don’t fear  inner demons of others. Our mother smiled at us the three long scars didn’t take away her beauty, she still looked pretty as she did before our father clawed at her face. We love our parents and we have never blamed them for our curse but with the help of our mother she kept our demon locked in a cage she helped us create, no our mother doesn’t fear us but she fears other will try to kill us for being different for being “monsters”  mom sees us as her children, her babies who she will love forever.


“we are happy to be who we are and we will never hate who we are even if you see us as monsters, we are living beings like you treat us as the same”


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