Around my neck is a single bullet a gift from you showing me that you would come back to me after the war and today the long war ends and I happily await your return. Seeing others hug their loved ones only makes me more excited to hold you in my arms and feel you hold me close to you once again. But to my realization your friends walk over to me holding a folded flag with a golden badge they explain that you fell in battle protecting a small group of children from harm but you didn’t make it out. I slowly take the flag and badge closing the case it is in and walk home in tears, others see my pain and hold me saying you did it for us but I am nothing without you how can I be alone like this, you promised to come home to me. I lost time and I realized how broken I am so I touch the bullet you gave me before I ripped the bullet off the chain loading on single shot into your gun and fire the gun into a tree watching the large bullet tear though the tree. “If I am to have a hole in my heart I will grow with this tree and heal with it” as the years past I and the tree healed and I smiled touched the filled hole the tree formed “we healed together and I’m sorry about shooting you” I patted the tree and walked inside smiling picking up my one year old son and kissing my husband on the cheek. I kept your flag and badge wanting a window to the past and to tell the stories of who you were to keep your memory alive and let you live on in the mind of others so please where ever you are smile down at us and watch over us as we grow up, you died to protect and serve. So today I took my son and husband to your grave and set down your favorite meal and drink that I would make for you when you were with me and today I still make the sweet tea and burgers and they taste the same to me. So my dear please always smile for us and I hope you find someone and become happy just like me. I love you and I want you to smile forever.



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