Cursed Corpse

I’ve always been cold and when I hugs others they all say I’m so cold and I should drink a warm drink or wear a hoodie but the red hoodie I wear can’t keep the cold away from my cold corpse. Truth is I’m dead I’ve been dead for a very long time I was cursed by a witch for killing her little sister so she cursed me by making me immortal but instead of my body aging my body grows colder I can’t feel the cold but others can and sadly that turns them away from me. I don’t have any friends I stopped making friends one hundred years ago today I grew tired of watching my friends grow older and die around me. I have had so many names over the years to keep people from getting curious about why I’m not aging. Every few years on the blood moon I walked to the hanging tree and weep, weep for the ones who I killed, let’s go to a flash back and I’ll tell you how this all started. The year was 1690 and I was a rich girl who’s father owned a town. People started to become scared of the witch rumors that was going around and I will admit at the time I was a spoiled brat who got anything she wanted. On the day of my birthday I accused an innocent girl of being a witch only because she ripped my new dress, and of course everyone believe the rich girl instead of the poor dirty girl who lived in the forest so they towns people took her into the woods and wrapped a rope around her neck hanging her. The wind started to howl and the tree branches cracked as a tall women with silver hair and a black dress walked over to us, she looked my age but her hair was silver. She walked over to me with an angry glare and with a point of her finger everything stopped the wind, everything. Her voice was harsh and cold “you killed my little sister, her innocent matched that of a new-born bunny and you ripped the light from her soul and now you will deal by a real witch!” the silver-haired girl started to say strange words and soon I started to feel light-headed and I passed out and the next thing I knew I was in my room with a hot towel on my head and my maid sitting next to me looking worried “my lady you’re ok oh thank god we were all worried, after that silver haired girl touched you, your body grew cold and only grew colder as each day passed” I sat up and touched a hand over my chest and I was indeed cold but the other thing that scared me was I had no heartbeat but I couldn’t tell my maid or she would scream and I can only fear what would happen after that. “Yes Sophie, I’m okay but can you bring me a warm cup of tea please?” Sophie bows and walks out going to get me some tea as I wait I feel nothing, no heat no pain nothing absolutely nothing and I fear anyone in this house will find out my secret and I will be killed or worse accused of being a devil so the only thought that came to my mind was to “die” since I didn’t have to breath or have a heartbeat I can pass off as a dead body and I would be taken away but I would run away and start new, new name new look and I pray that it works. As I hoped it worked and I was able to start over with my life but the silver haired girl was hanged for my “death” and in a way I do feel bad for her death since I’m the cause of all of this. But that was a few hundreds years ago but if I could fix the past I would go back in a heartbeat and fix who I was and what I did to all the innocent people I had killed.

I know I will never own up to what I did to everyone but what can I do to fix this? I’ve tried everything but nothing works…so the last thing I could try was go to the hanging tree and hang like the innocent people I forced there. Slowly I made my way to the tall tree seeing it’s branches made my muscles ache and the muscles in my throat tightened and it became hard to think I wanted to run but I was being pulled back to the tree. Standing in front of the tree I saw a necklace of rope waiting for me blowing in the breeze calling my name softly, climbing to the welcoming rope I put it now and smile looking down and seeing the end, the two sister hand in hand with open arms calling my name….

I jumped and there I hanged my body swaying back and forth slightly, in the arms of the sister I cried and begged for forgiveness while they held me and said I deserve rest and I deserve to finally go home to see my family ago and finally I did after so many years I got to go home and finally rest with the forgiveness of so many.


In Loving memory of Elizabeth Jones


loving daughter, sister, wife to be


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