Glitter What?

To be a leader you must be ready and prepared to get everyone ready to work and get their goals done but today I was ready to walk in and see a dead DRAGON in my classroom yes a real dead dragon laying on the ground but what made me think it was fake was mostly because the stab wounds had glitter actually there was glitter everywhere…..WHY IS THERE GLITTER EVERYWHERE?! . I come back and the glitter and the dragon are gone, oh yeah and the dragon was a size of a full-grown man so that was also another reason I thought it was fake but the room is clean, clean like magic. Well time to get to work, I write my stories and set them aside waiting and waiting and waiting but when I put the last story down I see that glitter again and why is there more than before?….

“clean this glitter up now you tiny brat!” I am now yelling at this tiny fairy who keeps leaving glitter everywhere and by god it’s everywhere!

I wake up at 6:20 am and sigh loudly “ok now that was really fucked up…time to get ready for work” sighing I get ready for another boring day being a leader


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