College Fears

It’s that time and seniors in high school fear the up coming adulthood goals, and I a senior am scared, scared that I won’t get accepted into college or I would flunk out and never gain my goals but I keep my head high and smile knowing I have people who are behind me keeping me strong and are ready to help me. But going to college isn’t my only fear, leaving my friends behind is a huge heartbreak because that means I would leave them behind but they want me to go and gain my goals in life. College is a big fear since I’ll be away from friends and family and I won’t know anyone so I will be alone until I meet some cool people who I can call my friends. I will admit I will probably cry when I will have to leave I will be miles away from anyone I called family or friend, I will feel so alone but I know if I need them I can easily call them and confess the emotions I have been holding inside.


I pray I gain my goals and I have a wonderful family in my life after I get my degree, having the job of my dreams.


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