Silver tears

largeMy tears are have always been silver I was born this way. My mother keeps telling me it’s a gift and I should be happy but what’s to be happy about having silver tears? I’m made fun of and everyone calls me a freak. My mother is a green eyed witch, a good witch someone who helps others, but me? I’m just a freak with silver eyes and silver tears. No good has ever come out of my silver eye..more bad then good actually but that was until I met her, she was like me but her eyes were gold, gold as a lions coat and they always shined and to be honest I fell in love with her. I soon began to love my silver eyes only because Michael helped me love my eyes, she kept saying they shined like a new bracelet that was just cleaned. But sadly one day I was faced with something I wished I could unsee, Michael was tied to a tree she was beaten and bloody screaming at the people who hurt the girl I love, my powers lost control and my silver eyes started to glow the light traveled to my hand and a beautiful sword was in my hand. I don’t remember killing the people actually I don’t remember anything, but when I woke up in Michael’s home with a cold rag over my eyes and forehead, “Herena? you’re ok! oh thank goodness I was so worried that you wouldn’t wake up” I looked at my friend confused “what?…what do you mean? I feel fine Michael” sitting up is when I notice my arm has a silver sword tattooed on it “THE FUCK?!’ I rubbed my arm thinking it was fake but it wouldn’t come off which scared me more “Herena! Herena stop!’ Michael grabbed my arm and forced me to look at her gold eyes, the same eyes I fell in love with “yeah?…” she rubbed my cheek “I’ll explain but don’t pick or scratch your arms, the tattoo is real” For a good hour Michael explained how I used my full powers to save her from the villagers and because I used my full power I got my symbol with was a sword meaning I was a protector. Knowing I was Michael’s protector made me smile and hug her what I did next shocked me and her, I kissed her, feeling her tense I was going to pull away until I felt her kiss back, smiling we wrapped our arms around each other, we laid in the bed together just holding each other knowing it’s us against the world which didn’t bother us at all. Years past and we lived together with two children, now these children were dropped off in the woods, two baby twins left alone to die so Michael and myself took them in and raised them, teaching the children magic and watching them grow up made us smile and only love them more. It was the family against the world but soon the world was the least of their worries. Michael fell horribly ill, Herena and the child tried so hard to heal her in any way they could but nothing worked sadly the family feared the worse and sadly it happened, Michael was taken by the illness leaving Herena and the twins without a parent, Herena was the most broken about the loss  of Michael, her teenage sweetheart they raised two children together and now she’s gone from their lives, Herena went to dark magic trying to get Michael back, every time she tried it ended in failure. Time after time she became more and more angry with the failures she’s been doing, finally she found a spell that needed a human soul so far into the dark pity she took her son and used him to bring her beloved back from the dead and there she laid breathing softly while their son laid lifeless on the bed beside her. “you’re back! I’m so happy your back” blinking Michael looked around then screams when she sees her son laying dead on the bed beside her own “what did you do to James?!” Herena walked over “I brought you back” “WHAT DID YOU DO TO JAMES?!” she screamed in rage and pain “I traded his soul for you to come back” seeing the pain in her eyes made me realize what I’ve done “I can bring him back I promise I can bring our son back I just need to find someone from the village maybe…the mayor’s daughter, she’s always wanted to come after us because she’s jealous of your eyes and beauty” Michael sighs and slowly nods “Alright  we will use her but if you even do this again I saw I will leave with the twins” she threatened making me nod slowly. When night fell we took action kidnapping the spoiled brat who called herself a princess just because her family has more money then anyone else in town. Ropes tied around her wrists and ankles to keep her from running way we also put a cloth in her mouth to keep her from screaming, so a good few hours we will pulled her soul from the dying flesh she called a body and our happy family was whole and happy again but the dark magic we used will forever follow us and forever haunt us. The tale of the silver eyes has passed down from family to family  and there has been no silver eyed being for a thousand years that was until a new born baby girl opened her eyes for the first time and had the silver eyed gift now she must wait and find her gold eyed partner and learn to control their magic together but they have a choice, they can stay in the light or that can use their magic for dark, only they could pick and whatever they decide will change the world forever.


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