Grieving Midwife


The year was 1888, Jackie was a midwife working for rich families but slowly Jackie was becoming enraged at the family for one reason and one reason alone, they were able to have children and become a happy family, she once had a baby, her and her husband couldn’t be more happy but tragedy happened and she lost everything her husband her baby and the ability to have children. Today is May 17th 1888 and last night the body of Amanda Jones was found, her stomach ripped open all the way to her chest, Mrs. Jones ribs were bashed in and her tongue was cut out to keep her from screaming and sadly it worked Mr Jones is offering money to who ever can find the mad man who killed his wife and hopefully find the midwife who was always with Mrs. Jones. Jackie was washing the blood off her clothes and hands a sick grin on her face she was humming to herself as she cleaned the blood away “I did it she’s gone that betrayer is gone!” she was consumed by the madness and grief of losing her family, she started to talk in third person as if she was two people. To sell the story of her and Mrs. Jones being taken she started to cut her arms and legs bruising her body ripping her clothes and make up this story of who killed Mrs. Jones and why they let her leave alive. She ran to her employer and told her story full of lies she cried and was taken to get her wounds cleaned she cried covering her face hiding the twisted smirk she was hiding from everyone around her. Weeks past and the police still haven’t found Amanda’s killer but her killer was in the open walking free as a blue ray. A month after the first death two more bodies appeared one worse than before and by each killing it only got worse as new bodies were found and soon everyone realized who this killer was going after, rich women expecting children and always on some part of the body will have the words “betrayer”. The police were stumped and couldn’t find anyone who matched the profile to commit such sickening crimes against another human being. For a while the murders stopped but only because jackie couldn’t find a new victim to make clean in her mind. But her definition of clean is murder and death Jackie was consumed by her madness and will she be found? when? how? who will catch her?  how many more will die by her blade? only god will know. Two months passed since the first death of the ripper and women have been scared for their lives but most women know they are safe since they don’t match the profile of the killing but Jackie is moving around and she is killing anyone who is “selfish” anyone who dares to think they are god, anyone who thinks they can kill and not be judged but they are wrong very wrong. Jackie sat in her room holding a baby she was able to save from a mother that she killed declaring her a whore but she failed to realize the small child was dead, the small child never had a chance in this world and Jackie’s madness couldn’t see that she wanted a baby and now she was so happy to have a child she couldn’t bare to watch this child die as well. No one was ever able to find out who was killing all the poor pregnant women but they soon found Jackie holding the child dead with a peaceful smile on her face, the police believed Jackie was still innocent they just thought the ripper forced Jackie to stay and take care of the child where she died of hunger. She was laid to rest with her husband she was honored as a brave women for staying and caring for the child but no one knew the dark secret of Jackie King the dark secret that she was the ripper and killer of many and now this story has been laid to rest just like the murderer herself. The story has been told over the years and Jackie is still seen as a hero but people are starting to question was she really a hero? the facts are there and people can see past this so the question is can you see past it?


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