Playing the piano with my child sitting beside me slowly learning to play like his mother, smiling at the young child I sing the words to the song softly to James as he curls up to my side yawning softly holding weakly onto my dress, I soon stopped playing and I picked him up taking him to his room down the hall from my bedroom and his father’s study. My husband was away on a business trip down south so we didn’t expect him home anytime soon but we knew he was safe since we got countless letters and gifts from him. Days past and my older sister Mary knocks on the door a look of rage and sadness covered her like a thin blanket that would slowly suffocate a person if not removed “Mary? Darling what’s wrong? You look like father when his reports came back denied” Mary handed me a letter then her hands covered mine “what you will read may affect you differently but just know I love you and father and mother are here for you” slowly looking at the letter I see it’s my husband’s handwriting but as I read I felt rage betrayal sadness, my husband my Ryan has been laying with another women and the same words he once said to me before we were married were the same words he said to this Marina “Mary…he…he” I broke down crying in my sister’s arm “how could he do this to me? What have I done to make him do this?” my dear sister looked ready to kill this man “nothing you have done nothing wrong it was him, he was the one to fall not you my dear sister” She stayed with me and James for the next week until Ryan came home from the south “Eliza, James I’m home” Ryan hangs his coat up and walks into the wooden house looking for his wife and child “Eliza?” he walked to their room to find her sitting on the bed with a packed bag “Eliza? What are you doing?” he walked over ready to grab the bag from her side “What am I doing? The better question is what in the name of god have you done! You betrayed us! You brought this woman into our bed and told the world! What did you think to gain from this!?” I stood up and glared at the man who I once called mine “Eliza wait please you don’t understand I needed her” rage filled my being and I slapped him “Ryan you have betrayed me and your son I am your wife or at least I was your wife now I’m Eliza May once again, I’m going back home to my mother and father and i’m taking James with me since you always spend some much time in your office you wouldn’t remember about James so I hope that this was worth it Ryan for you will never see me or James again” pushing past him holding my bag at my side I walk down the halls reliving so many memories that we shared as a family that will soon mean nothing to me or James ever again “I hope that you burn Ryan Hyles” tossing my gold ring to the floor of the home that once carried so many beautiful memories, the birth of James then later watching him grow and learning to play piano with me was nothing to me now. I wanted to get away from this place, this home of lies. “Eliza  please remember when we met that hot summer night in your family’s manor with the rebels of the revolution all having a nice evening dining and dancing I remember the beautiful women I saw across the ballroom with a soft blue colored dress with her hair neatly done and her cheeks a soft rosy color, her lips were a soft red color that made her smile light up the room I remember dancing with her and feeling myself fall in love with this woman and sending her so many love letters and on a chilly fall evening asking her father for his blessing to wed his youngest daughter and now here we are Eliza I know I don’t deserve you but hear me out that’s all I ask” looking at this broken man I know what I have to do. “No Ryan for months you betrayed me and you could have fixed it then but you didn’t and now you will never know my forgiveness and you will never know what happened to me or James because you will never hear or see us again, in due time I will remarry and be happy with someone, I should have listened to my father when he said I shouldn’t marry you and now I will marry someone who my father knows and trusts…goodbye” I leave with a smile on my face knowing that I will never see that man again and have to live in lies. Years pass and I have remarried and now I have a daughter who James protects with his life while I live happily and comfortably with a rich man who I once grew up playing with as our fathers talk about stocks I never knew my childhood friend would be a wonderful father and husband. He spends time with his family and doesn’t stay locked in his office for days on end writing out reports and other letters. I have never been more happy than I am today seeing my children play making me smile more knowing I made the right choice all those years ago to leave that man I once believed I called my husband now my name is Eliza Jones a happily married woman living the rich life like her father wanted, living with her two children and wonderful husband.


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