Childhood Memory

The earliest memory I have would have to be the first time I went to go to Austin Texas to go see my nana and pop, they took me around town and they said since I was being so well-behaved they look me to this big fancy candy shop, of course I was a kid in a candy shop I ran around looking at the new things and deciding what to pick until I bumped into someone falling on my back side, I didn’t cry or run off I just sat there confused until I saw their hand it was big and dry-looking, the young man had a ring on his finger and he got to my level and starting to apologize to me saying it was his fault, his voice was kind and gruff and he had a funny looking mustache which I  found really funny, he soon helped me up and helped me find me grandparents, he asked if it was alright if he could buy me something as to say sorry but I knew it was my fault since I was the one running around when I shouldn’t have but I guess he didn’t want me to get in trouble. He helped me pick out some sweets and we left I never saw this man again but I want to go back to Austin and find him thanking him for being so kind and not ratting me out for running around the store.

He had black hair


And a gold ring

His eyes were a dull green

I hope he looks the same so I can hopefully find him and give back the time he took care of me
I hope one day I can thank him for taking me back to my grandparents and not leaving me alone in a strange place. He spent his time with me taking me back to family, that doesn’t happen in this time anymore and that memory will forever be the best one I have.


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