Circus Of Lies

Sitting on my bed looking out the large window sighing as I feel this large bear place his paw on my shoulder as if saying I’m here, we lived in the same room, or cell to be honest we work for a circus, I’m the beast trainer and this bear is my best friend his name is Jack and sadly our last show didn’t get a lot of money so the ring master got angry and locked us in here. We have been in this room before and each time much more unpleasant than the last only because of how mad he is or how much we made him. Jack knows of my sadness and he just stays by my side making small whining sounds wanting me to pay attention to him but I feel like I failed him only because I’m his trainer and I help him succeed and I failed him again and time again. I swear on whatever god can hear my prays that Jack and I escape this hell and be free from our devil of a ring master. Singing Jack’s favorite song to him so he knew I was paying attention to him and that made him, feeling him curl around my waist keeping me warm in this deathly cold room, It was the middle of winter and this cell had a large open window, if he wants to lose more money than killing us would be a great way to do it. Hours passed, than days past and finally the door was opened and we were let out but I caught a deathly cold from the countless days in the freezing cold which got Jack punished more, laying on the ground with a ripped blanket to try to keep me warm but failing. Jack laid there after being whipped for no reason, but to the ringmaster the reason is money always money nothing but freaking money. Weeks past and once again we are in the ring doing a new act but the good thing is the tent is packed so Jack and myself are safe for today but my plan for escape is almost done so we can get out of here and be free from the evil claws of our master and kidnapper. Jack was a simple wild bear, free to run around the woods and be a normal bear and as for me I was a simple girl I worked on stage at my Aunts restaurant, I sang with the small band but that final curtain fall I was taken by this sick man and I haven’t seen home in so long, that’s all I want is to see home and see Jack go free but with the way my health is going I may never see anything I knew as home or feel the soft arms of my Aunt holding me close to her as she pet my hair and brushes my hair before a show telling me I will do ok and I will be amazing as always. But sadly I know darkness is right behind me waiting to wraps it’s cold arms around me pulling me away from the world of light and into complete darkness never to be seen or heard from again. I open my eyes and see my dressing room with a cold towel on my forehead I look to my right to see a bear toy with a tag that read “Jack” sitting up I see my aunt looking worried and she tells me I fell off the stage and hit my head but a nice man brought me in here and placed the rag on my head. Everything must have been a bad dream, I hugged Jack and hold him close to me smiling happily knowing it was a dream and a bad dream at that.


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