Say The Truth

This chance can finally let me get out to the world that I’m pansexual and I really don’t really give a flying fuck because in this I get to say what I’ve been holding back for so long, I’ve been scared to tell people mostly because my parents but mostly my father hates the LGBT community so I’ve kept this dark secret inside for so long and now it feels so good to get this out. Letting this secret out feels like I could sing out in the middle of class and not really care if people hate my singing like hey I’m happy let me living in this moment. I could never tell my parents this secret, my mother would just say she doesn’t believe me and I’m only confused and I don’t understand while my father would stand up and scream at me saying I’m turning away from god and now I’m just a demon in human skin and all that bible BS but really where in that book does it say that? It says man shall not lay with man, and when that was originally written it meant man shall not lay with boy never said anything about loving another man or women so yeah religion can eat it. The first person I told was my sister and she just rolled her eyes and say I’m confused and that I’m only copying her but I never knew my sister was bisexual I never paid attention to her since she can be a royal jerk from time to time but It made me upset to think my older sister who I looked up to but would never tell her pretty much looked at me and turned me away as nothing. Only my best friends know about my sexuality and they are happy for me and I don’t care if others aren’t they aren’t important so why should I care what they think? They have no meaning in my life so their opinion doesn’t matter to me. I’ve met so many amazing people in the LGBT community and I love them like family since they support me and tell me the same thing over and over so I can teach it to others like me and I quote this from them “I am gay, I am me and if the straight don’t like my amazing colors then they can turn the blind eye and keep their mouth shut no one wants to hear their nasty words” I love my flag and I love my colors if anyone tries to take it from me then I will stand up alongside my brothers and sisters so we can be happy just like everyone else why take our happiness away just so you can feel happy about your low self esteem and I won’t sugar coat this from anyone.


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