An Ocean Away

Dear Cody,

I feel like we are an ocean apart I can not see or feel your warm touch I miss you and I wish you were here with me again but sadly It feels like you are an ocean away. I remember when we first started to date we used to be so shy and nervous but over time we became so close and we can do anything and laugh about it. I remember the date 11/12/13 was the day I asked you to meet me after school so I can confess my feelings to you and I was so happy when you accepted my feelings. I remember the first time I heard you say “I love you” I felt my heart jump to my throat I smiled and repeated the same words back to you I saw your face light up as you kissed me goodbye that night and the I remember how soft and sweet the kiss was and I wish we could share more but it’s impossible now.


I want to cuddle you at home again while we watch movies or while we play video games  and you win which mades me pout, I knew how you find it cute when I would pout even if it was fake, you made me smile you made me happy and now I just feel like there is an invisible wall between us I can’t touch you or see you anymore but I wish I could just once more because I love you so much so very much.


I love you Cody


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