Painful Gifts

Everyone is born with an animal part it’s clear with the tattoo on their bodies but gaining the power with age is very painful. The skin rips apart letting the new parts surface and the amount of blood is something that could scare anyone due to seeing the blood and hearing the person scream in pain could save anyone into not wanting their new life style, children look forward to getting their animal side but when they finally get it they wish to go back to the time before they became half animal. Now let me tell you what it’s like to have wings push from your back…it feels like hell you can feel the bones snap and stab your flesh they come out one by wing then the next the feathers grow with due time but feeling the wound close up and slowly feeling the muscles and blood move through the wings make it worse but whats more scary is watching your mate go through it, first let me explain we don’t call them soul mates we call them mates due to our half animal sides but watching your mate have their teeth pushed out, finger nails  pushed out to make way for claws and watching the bear features finally setting in the soft pained whimpers fill the room and you feel what they felt when there were forced to watch you suffer worse pain from having wings pushed out of you. Days pass and the pain finally goes away but the body must now learn to use the new “gifts” and trying to fly is scary! but once you learn to fly it’s amazing and it’s so beautiful!. No one can be ready for this pain and trying to learn how to use their new gifts it so much harder to try to get use to, trying to sleep with wings is hard but over time it gets a lot easier trust me I’ve lived through it and if someone asked me if I wanted a different gift I would say no for two reasons I don’t want to go through the pain again and I would hate to give up the ability to fly


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