I will wait for her forevermore for she is the love of my life. Others have turned me away and left me alone but she entered my life-like a goddess sent from the heavens to light my way in this dark world. She had to leave me due to reasons but I will wait for her even if I am fated to die I will wait until death if I must. She’s a beautiful rose that I wish to keep close to my heart for the rest of our days but being here with me was killing the beautiful rose I have come to see and love. I sent her away to protect her and make her happy for I am nothing but a beast in her eyes and I see the unhappiness deep in her eyes and I wish nothing more than to see that happiness but with me keeping her here makes her unhappy and it kills me to think that this is all my fault and to be honest it is. It has been years since she left me and I bet she’s happy with her new and better life not near me for to her I am nothing and now I’m a shadow I’m glad I am it would mean she doesn’t have to remember a hideous monster like myself. I still remember the look in her eyes of joy when I told her she can leave and that’s what keeps me going but I fear that this is my last night for I can no longer go on with this burning feeling in my heart, a once black heart she melted and warmed up so it would beat for her and her alone.


One my last day of life I hear her sweet voice calling out to me and I smile at her “my beauty…I missed you’


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