Blade For A Life

I looked at the dagger on the wall before I turned to the man behind the counter “how much for the dagger?” it was a short blade with a beautiful blue twisted handle that looked perfect in my eyes. “Are you sure you want that dagger Ms?…that dagger has been returned so many times people claiming it is haunted or something..I do have better ones over here in the case if you would like to have a look” something called out to me telling me to buy that weapon to take it home and keep it away from others. “No I want the one on the wall, the blue one please how much is it?” he didn’t move at first or ever speak “take it, if you really want it so much you may keep it but please whatever you do please don’t bring it back here” smiling I nodded and he took the blade off the wall and wrapped it in some paper giving it to me and on my way I went to walk around this small town.


I kept getting this feeling like someone is looking at me and each time I look around I see no one which only makes me walk faster, until I got home I set the blade down on a stand my grandfather gave me years ago and I’m actually happy I kept it, I have somewhere to place my Soul, I decided to name the dagger Soul since it’s such a peacefully color. There is still the feeling that I’m being watched so I grabbed Soul and pull the blade free walking around my house until I get to the kitchen and I see a boy about my age still on the counter drinking my monster, “HEY! You punk I was saving that!” angrily I stormed over to him and pointed the blade at him “get out of my house or so help me you will be leaving in a body bag!” he had a look of surprise but not at my outburst but at the fact that I was holding the blade “what are you staring at?” he grabbed my wrist and looked at the blade “how did you pull it free? No one can pull the blade free that’s the curse”. Yanking my hand away I stared at him “curse? Either you’re crazy or some crazy stalker now get out” crossing my arms I kept Soul away from my body so I didn’t hurt myself. “What did you call it?” I’m sure my confused look gave it away meaning I didn’t know what he was talking about “the dagger, my dagger”. Holding the dagger close to me I glared at him “excuse me? your dagger? no this is mine and I won’t allow some punk to come into my house and take what’s mine” he flicked me in the head “wrong, I didn’t mean the dagger is mine I mean I am the dagger well the soul of the dagger but yeah” he shrugs jumping down and walks off  annoyed I followed him from the kitchen demanding to know what he meant.


After two whole hours of him explaining he was the spirit of the dagger and the reason so many people returned the blade because the dark side of the curse was it whispered dark and cruel things to people telling them to kill others for their own sport but somehow I was different the curse didn’t affect me for a strange reason and I can also pull the blade out no one else could before, hell I know it sounds crazy really crazy but I can’t really judge there is some strong feeling to this weapon. “So? You’re like what a guard or something?” “yeah pretty much but not I’m your guard since you’re the lost princess, I was put in the blade to wait for the princess, she is the only person who can pull the dagger free” “like the sword in the stone?” he smiles and nods laying down on my couch “I’ll be staying here from now on until we can find a way home from this world, I always hated jumping through dimensions”


Days passed and this boy has done nothing but follow me around and yelling at anyone who tries to touch me or even speak to me and I swear to whatever god there is I will kill him, but I hate to admit it but I’ve fallen for the boy and I wonder what he thinks of me. It’s been a year since I’ve been back “home” being a princess and to be honest I hate it, I can’t dance around anymore I can’t sing, I can’t run around or do anything fun and I’m starting to hate it but the only thing that makes me smile is seeing Ryan by my side, and turns out the boy from the dagger is named Ryan Alexander Rogers and to say the least I have fallen head over heels for him when we would laugh as we played pranks on staff or guards or even make fun of the people who came to the palace trying to get my father to marry me off to them or their sons but finally those days came to an end the day I became queen.


Today I become queen and I hate today so many people rushing around to make it perfect but I haven’t seen Ryan all day and I could really use his encouragement right about now but I’m stuck here in this stupid tight dress waiting for someone to come get me but I just want to rip this dress off and run to Ryan wanting to feel his arms around her telling me I can do this and I’m brave and I’m ready to be a strong queen like my mother before me. As I gave my vows I was shoved to the side only to watch Ryan take an arrow to the chest, piercing his heart. I go to him and hold his head on my lap looking at his eyes one last time before they close for the last time, I snap and start screaming, screaming in pure agonizing pain and everyone could see and feel my pain. My parents tried to have the guards take Ryan from me but I wouldn’t let them take him from me, I lost him and I didn’t want to believe that I did for I loved him so much and I never got to tell him like I wanted to, I wanted to pretend that he was still alive and this was some horrible nightmare. I was queen but I didn’t have Ryan standing beside me laughing at the attempts of men trying to ask for my hand, each man who came to me I shot them down I refused to let another man into my life in fear of losing him as well and by doing this it drove me mad, I lost everything and I demanded that the man or men that took Ryan from me will suffer and I will make them pay for what they did to Ryan.
Slowly more and more people died for my own personal need, that’s how I was given the name the bloody queen criminals, murderers, rapists, anyone who has ever done wrong to another will die by my hand and they will face their sins in life. I do pray Ryan isn’t upset with me and what I’ve done but I do this so no one else has to feel the same pain I did on that painful day. I’m still unmarried but I need to birth an heir so the crown can be passed down so I go to a neighboring kingdom and have a son and daughter with the king, he is a family friend and he knew of my reasons of being unmarried so he agreed to help me but he said he wouldn’t push marriage onto me knowing I would reject his offer. After many years of ruling my kingdom and people helping keep them safe from war and war among themselves, they loved me and loved how I was a destroyer of evil for so many years but now it was my time to step down and allow my children to ruin the kingdom and be the strong adults I watched them grow up into. My time in this world finally came to an end when I was sleeping and opening my eyes I saw him, I saw Ryan holding his hand out to me smiling at me ready to start another adventure in the life after this one just like before. 


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