Death In A Nightmare

I had a horrible dream and to be honest I wish to never have this dream again. I’m sleeping in a room in some kind of fancy manor and then I wake up hearing the door open and two men in lab coats walk in but I can’t scream or call for help since my body is frozen or paralyzed but they pull me out of the bed and take me down a hallway I never saw before. I tried to escape but my perseverance only made them hold onto me tighter which started to hurt my arms. I was taken through different halls than to a simple room where a closet turned into a hallway to a hidden hallway. Being infallible I knew this had to be for a reason for what was happening but I didn’t know but I also didn’t want to know why I was being taken to this room. Walking into the room that had a white tile floor the two men stopped and stripped me down so I was wearing a white night dress, it was a flowy dress that and straps that were knotted beautiful together but that wasn’t the important thing I wasn’t wearing a dress before I was wearing fluffy penguin pants and a simple black tank top. The room looked eldritch and I wished nothing more than to turn tail and run but I couldn’t the tweedle twins forced me down onto a lab table strapping my arms and legs and waist so I couldn’t run but my head was laying off the table which was starting to give me a headache but one of the tweedles put a metal bucket under my head while the other put something cold on my neck then horrible pain, blood ran down my neck and into the metal bucket below me. Gagging and thrashing around I look at the two men in lab coats as they talk to each other but I couldn’t hear them everything was going black and fuzzy until I woke up screaming and crying running to the bathroom looking at my neck I was wearing the fluffy penguin pants and black tank top but for the rest of the night to scared to re-live that fear and pain again.


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