Don’t Look At Me

I’ve been driving on a country road. It is late at night. I’m far from home. Then I realize, as I  check my mirrors, there is a man sitting quietly in the back seat….I pretended I didn’t see the man sitting in my back seat and I kept driving praying he didn’t notice I saw him and I didn’t see any weapons so who knows what he has with him or what he might do..I drive and I finally pull into town and up to a gas pump and get out of the car filling the tank and going inside to pay, the person behind the counter must have seen my fear because they started to ask me questions about what was wrong and what happened and I explained what happened and what road I was one and how long the man was in the car with me, as if a light bulb was lighten over their head they looked at me and explained a story of a man who was hit by a car on the same country road I was driving on and when he appears in someone’s car that means they will die in a car crash and when I go back to my car he will be gone but my car will have claw marks on the door he used to get in and out of. When I walked back I prayed the man was still in my car I didn’t want to believe the old man’s story but when I get back to my car I see the marks I can’t but help believe the old man’s story. I feared to enter my car again but I had to go home I wanted to sleep and forget today happened. The long drive home was boring and it felt like it went on forever but the fear and waiting of my safe warm bed was close at hand as I pulled into my house, my safe warm house that will end this nightmare of a drive. Opening and closing my front door is when I finally noticed something was wrong my house was cold and dark…my sister was over but she wasn’t home she’s always home at this time of night and I’m getting worried that something happened to my sister so as quickly as silently as I could I went to her room and saw it was empty so slowly making my way to my room is when I saw her, my sister was crying on my bed in a black dress and black heels I stared at her confused why she was wearing such clothing but as I walked into my room and tried to place a calming hand on my sister’s shoulder my hand went right through her and it was then I could see her shiver. Terrified I pulled away knocking over my lamp which startled my sister half to death. I couldn’t remember dying or how I died..I remembered driving home after getting gas but after that it’s all fuzzy and blank. Maybe in time I will remember how I died but for now I want to go find the ghost of the man who appeared in my car and killed me. If it wasn’t for him I would still be alive and I would be with my little sister I wouldn’t be forced to watch her cry on my bed holding my teddy bear she gave me for my birthday last year. I will find him and make him suffer for taking my life away and if I appear in your car you better hope your not from the family of that ghost or you’ll end up like me and I’ll make your family suffer just like my did years ago. I have become a twisted being but I’m ok with that but slowly I’ve been killing people just for fun and make myself feel better and all I have to say you better not look in your back seat or I might jump out and crash your car flipping it crushing your weak form and watching your body become mangled and twisted, watching you slowly bleed out and cry for someone to come find you and save you but no one will find you until you’re dead and cold.

So let’s play a game, if you look at me then you die, if you don’t look at me you get to live so let the game begin.


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