Life As A Mobster Dad

“My name is Zach MacCarthy I’m not a perfect husband and I’m scared I won’t be a perfect dad either, my wife Ruby is pregnant with our first child Caiside. I know I’m not the kindest person, hell I blow shit up for a living and I kill people when needed to. But I’m scared my daughter will grow up hating me, but for now we will have to wait. There is one day I regret most It was only three days after Caiside’s birth, It was a bad day at work we lost all our money and the heist went bad so I was pissed I walked in the door and Ruby was mad at me, she started to yell at me just like everyone else did, consumed by rage I took my gun and shot Ruby six times after I realized what I did I dropped my gun standing there staring at my wife I, ran to Caiside’s room and grabbed her holding my tiny daughter she was sleeping peacefully, I grabbed what I needed to take care of Caiside. I ran from the house not looking back, I couldn’t bring myself to look back at the house I made so many good memories in”. Three years have passed since the death of Caiside’s mother and Zach tried so hard to be a good father with him being part of a gang called Savage Animals, but he did have the help of his best friends Gavin and Ray. Ray had Caiside on his lap watching TV a show called ‘Steven Universe’ she smiled and sang with the show opening Ray said the last line “AND STEVEN!” Zach watched his daughter laugh and smile as she watched TV, but Zach knew Caiside would need another parent in her life.  Zach was scared to find anyone since he killed Ruby in a fit of rage, he was scared he would snap and hurt his daughter the little girl who gave him happiness in his life. He could only sigh and take a sip of his beer “Zach, Caiside has grown pretty quick, I remember when you came to me that night soaking wet with Caiside wrapped in your jacket you looked horrible but I’m glad now you’re better”. Gavin set his whiskey down “Yeah I’m doing better I’m still trying to be a good father to Caiside I don’t want to leave her alone and run off, she’s my daughter and I will be there for her”.  Zach stood up and walked over taking his daughter from Ray “time for bed It’s late” he walked to her room and laid her down doing the normal routine story goodnight kiss checking for monsters, but tonight Caiside asked Zach a question he was scared to hear “Daddy where is mommy?” the little girl was too innocent to know her mother is dead “Mommy is gone pumpkin” the look on her face killed him more “But Gav, acts like a mommy, he takes care of me he loves me and he plays with me so can Gav be my mommy?” the truth is over the past three years Zach, has grown closer to Gavin, and he’s even gotten feelings for his friend. Zach, was bisexual so to him It was ok but he didn’t know about Gavin. “Maybe you should ask him pumpkin” Zach, smiles and walks out and back to his friends with a sigh he sits down and thought to himself about what Caiside, said to him “Gavin? I would like to ask you a very important question” Gavin, set his whiskey down and looked at Zach, “Sure?” Zach took a deep breath “Will you be Caiside’s, mother figure?”. The room falls silent then Ray, stands up “I’ll be heading home now I’ll let you guys talk about this” Ray, leaves and Zach, speaks up “I know this is stupid to ask but Caiside needs someone else in her life besides me and since you’re always here I thought why not just move In with us?..” “Sure I find It more fun here then my empty apartment I’ll just take the guest room beside Caiside’s room” Another three years have passed and Caiside was now six and today was her birthday and she had a good plan to get her dad and Gavin together she was a smart six year old for her age she asked her Uncle Ray for help and the plan was to get them locked in a room for a few hours but this is a story so we are keeping It pg-13 everyone so no adult themes. Everyone arrived from Zack’s gang Caiside knew what they did but she loved them all the same. “Uncle Jack!’ she ran to Jack and hugs him “Wow kiddo look at you getting so big now” he picks her up and holds her. “I’m six now Uncle Jack” she giggles “Don’t keep her all to yourself Boss” Vega walked over taking Caiside, no one knew his real name but Ray so everyone called him Vega, but he wear a skeleton mask to hide his face “Uncle Vega” she smiles and hugs his neck “Hey kiddo” he sets her down and she takes everyone to the kitchen where Zach, and Gavin, were finishing the cake and making out. “well I guess my plan isn’t needed” she covered her eyes “Ok boys don’t scare the kid” Gavin and Zach, pulled away “Crap…well hi so yeah umm cake” Zach, walked over setting the cake down putting a number six candle in the cake “make a wish kiddo” Caiside, took a deep breath and blew out the candle she wouldn’t tell her family what she wished for but It was that she would always be with her family. Over the years her family changed In good ways and bad but It always worked out until Caisides’s, eighteenth birthday she started to work with the Animals she was the hacker there was nothing she couldn’t hack Into but today was a very bad day. Caiside was sitting In the penthouse waiting for everyone to come back when the door slammed open causing the Irish girl to jump and see her father storm In with Jack behind him after a few moments of yelling Zach, pulled his gun on Jack and was ready to fire when Caiside run over and stood In front of Jack “Dad no!” but sadly her timing we wrong and Zach fired shooting Caiside in the chest, after that everything went slow motion watching his daughter fall to the ground bleeding out. Once again he relived his nightmare first his wife and now his daughter “Caiside!” Zach ran over and held his daughter, she felt cold her shirt was covered in blood. “glaoch chun cabhair a!” he couldn’t hold back his tears now his little girl he raised and watched her grow into a young women but he might have just took her life away and her future. “Tá an-brón orm”. Caiside was taken to the hospital she was rushed to the ER. Hours went by until a doctor walked over and allowed the family to see her, she was laying in a bed connected to a few machines but she was alive “she’s alive” Zach walked over and held her hand “Ruby..I almost killed our baby girl” Gavin, walked over and rubbed his back “she’s ok she’ll be ok I promise Zach, Caiside will be ok”. Zach felt his guilt grow more as he looked at his daughter in the hospital bed by his hand he shot her just like he shoot her mother all those years ago. “Dad?” Zach looked over to see Caiside looking at him “Sweetheart OK agat

” he kissed her hand “Mom told me to tell you she forgives you and she told me that It’s not my time” He stared at her In shock “You saw your mom?” she nods “I saw mom” he smiles softly holding her hand “Thank you Ruby for letting her stay with us”. Finally everyone come to the hospital room with arms full of gifts rose bears candy pretty much everything, It took a good few weeks before Caiside was set free and allowed to go home. Caiside helped her father with his anger problems slowly and after a few years Zach popped the question to Gavin which really made Gavin Caiside’s ‘mom’. Eighteen years Caiside has grown up without a mom but she had her dad so to her that’s all she needed. Zach wanted more for his daughter he wanted her to grow up happy and healthy so she can be a strong young women just like her mother Ruby MacCarthy which she already was Zach knew it and he was proud of her in every way.


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