Run or Die


                                 Entry Number 20


Today was October 20th, and today was a day where I get to help my brother with his treatment in the asylum, my brother is different he sees dark figures walking around freely. Our mother sent him away hoping he could be “fixed” but there is nothing wrong with him and I believe him, I believe him when he talked about these dark figures, and today I get to help to help him by being there with him.


Eliza Hill


Driving, Driving a long trip to see my brother at this horrible asylum. The doctors called me and told me I had a way to help my brother. They believed a family member could clear his mind from these dark shadows, and I quickly agreed, just to see my brother again.

Him and myself have always been so close and I’m glad about that I really am. They asked him who he wanted, and they said he answer so quick they didn’t understand him at first, but he responded again with my name. He told them how close we are and how I believe him. He wanted his younger sister to see him, and that’s what I’m doing driving countless hours to see my amazing older brother.

Truth be told he’s not crazy he has a gift. He’s able to do things control things with his mind, mother never understood him like I did. When we played he helped me fly, but he could only do that when he left his body, meaning he turned into his smokey shadow man; mother got scared when she saw it. After that day I was never allowed to be around my older brother. When he turned eighteen mother had them take him away. I screamed and cried, trying to grab my older brother, but the men in white threw him into the large truck. Mother held me back; smiling waving goodbye to my brother while I a young girl cried for the only family I had, but now I’m finally able to see him again after so many years.

It’s hard to control myself but when I pulled in I felt my blood run cold. The building looked old and run down. Quickly I left my car and ran inside, but my fear was pushed out as I saw people working. Fixing myself I walked to the desk where a guard stood “Hello I’m here to see my brother James Hill, my name is Eliza Hill” I said. They typed away until the man waved over a guard and they walked me thought what seemed to be hell on earth.

A loud thud forced me to stop as I saw a man looking at me thought his cell, a glass window kept us apart. His hand rested on the glass making me believe he hit his hand to get my attention  “you’re the first women any of these men have seen in years” he grumbled. The guard grabbed me and forced me away which angered the man at the window, he was hitting the glass screaming. I did felt bad and I wanted to go back to him, stay with him, but I had to find my brother James and get him out of here.

The guard took me deeper and deeper into this hell, so many screams filled the air making me hold onto the guard in fear, hearing him laugh under his breath scared me more. We stopped in our tracks as a loud explosion shakes the whole building, the power goes off red lights blink. The guard gets up pushing me over as he runs down the hall but is tackled to the ground by a large figure, I hear him scream in pure agony and a ripping sound followed with a wet sound hitting the walls and ground.

I was shaking in fear, this monster of a man must have heard me since he was soon standing in front of me. Slowing looking up I see his face, his cheeks cut away his eye lids gone, hooks kept half of his face stretched to it’s limits. Backing away against the wall I make small sound to mimic a scared animal crying out for it’s mother “ÿøù—ñòt—hūrt? mêń êvîł—húrt ùś—hûrt ÿøü”.

I stared at this man who just ripped a guard’s head off to protect me “yes thank you, I’m fine just a little scared” I stand up and even standing I must look up at the poor man. “Í täké ÿöü—śómēwhėré—šáfē”  he said. Thinking this over I now realize my chances of not dying are probably lower if I go with this guy. “Alright, my name is Eliza Hill what’s your name” I said. He looked scared when I told him my name and my only thoughts ran to my brother and what these sick bastards did to him. “Ćhrïś” he grumbled. I smile and walk down the halls of the asylum grabbing his arm, as others run by screaming about the monster and how it’s freed. Hell if I know what that means but right now I need to find my brother and get him out of here; away from this nightmare.

When suddenly Chris shoved me into some kind of locker. I couldn’t see anything but I could hear everything, and hearing Chris scream the way he did make me shrink away in fear at what was doing this to him. I smelled the putrid stench of blood as I passed out.

When I finally woke up I was in someones arms, but they seemed familiar. I slowly opening my eyes I see my brother, my big brother “James!”. I hugged him smiling ,but he was different, a scary different. Seeing his shadow of his arm scared me more,his arm was a blade.

I pushed away from him seeing his once bright green eyes now filled with hate and murder. I knew they had twisted his mind and forced him to become this monster.

“You let them take me Eliza, you just stood there as they took me and did this to me!” he screamed at me, watching as if he took his eyes off her she would vanish like his sanity.

“I tried James, I really did but I was a small girl I had mom and the two men in white to fight against”. I stood up for myself, but the rage and murder was still in my brother’s eyes and I feared I would never get James to believe her. “I don’t need to hear your lies I’ll just kill you like I did the others!” James raised his arm ready to strike his younger sister down. I didn’t run or fight back I just stood there waiting for death to take me away, but the cold hand of death never touched me, but the soft arms of a living person did.

Running feet hitting the floor and heavy breathing was the only thing my brain could pick up on. I didn’t want to think about anything, I just wanted death’s sweet release. I had no one left in my life, my mother committed suicide when I was only seventeen, and now my older brother who I hoped would come home with me so we could be a normal family again. My hopes where to high and the fantasy was breaking around me.

Suddenly I was tossed outside onto the ground as the person slammed the doors shut and blocked the doors. I was once again picked up, and the we ran to my car. I was a broken women inside. I buckled, and the car started, I had to know who was keeping me from death.

To my amazement it was the male from behind the glass he knew how to drive, and how to do normal things. Speeding down the same highway I first took to go see my brother. Now this road mocked me, laughed at me, telling me how I’m a failure. In a fit of rage I grabbed the wheel from the male and turned the wheel so we drove off the road and into the nothingness below. James watched the car explode smiling to himself until the tears streamed down his face, like a waterfall after a storm.

Standing in front of the car he pulled her from the destroyed car, holding the body of his  baby sister in his arms, James weeped and yelled at the sky. Demanding a do over for his mistakes. If you listen carefully you can still hear the echo of his screams from the old asylum where he has kept her but there is nothing left, only the memory of her smiling face.


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