Book Worm

You are walking and suddenly you are in front of a door. You slowly open the door and you are face to face with a dragon a huge gold dragon who’s sleeping on a pile of books different size and color books. You dare yourself and walk inside and over the the huge pile of books you carefully grab and see it’s your favorite book so you sit down and read. You get so hooked into the book you almost miss a tap on your shoulder “I see you like my book and I would be happy to let you stay but only if you tell me what your name is child” you only blinked and looked at the talking dragon “uh well I really don’t have a name I came from a room covered in white walls with beautiful writing all over the walls”. The dragons nods “So you are a creation just like me a character in a book written by your creator well for now I will call you book worm until your creator gives you a name”. Book worm nods and goes back to reading their book smiling and laughing at parts in the book that you find funny. “Oh I forgot to tell you my name how rude of me, my name is The Creator I’m the writer of every book you see in this room and I’m glad you are enjoying my latest book and It’s called ‘Book Worm’” Creator smiles at you. You stare at Creator for a while before you understand what he told you “You made me? you’re the one who wrote my book?” you smile, Creator smiles and nods “You’re the first creation of mine to come here and speak with me and I’m happy one of my many creations are alive and still in love with books and it’s amazing how you grabbed your book on the first try”. You look at the book and smile “yeah I did and I can’t wait to read your other books” You spend years with Creator helping him write new books and he even allowed you to make your own story about yourself so you can be the way you want to be not what Creator wants you to be. You couldn’t be more happy with your life so you named yourself Mr. Morse and you became an english teacher teaching young minds to make their own stories and follow that story since they made it to be their life.   



This story if for my Teacher who had believed in me for so long and helped me push through till the very end, Thank You


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