Drone Thief

I’m a jewel theft and I use my drone to steal the jewels. I attached glass cutter at the drone along with a bag and claw so when I grab the jewel it goes right in the bag and it flies off. So today I’m going after the bloody heart, the bloody heart is a large red diamond in the shape of a real human heart that looks like it’s bleeding. I’m paid to steal this jewel and give it to the people who will be giving me the higher bid on it. For years I have done this with a drone, break into buildings and steal anything worth money but today I stole something different and I don’t think I meant to steal. Two months after I stole the bloody heart and selling it to a spoiled rich brat I took the money and once again put the money in the bank in small amounts so the bank doesn’t gets suspicious of all the money coming in. Adding new tech and improvements to my drone I get a note dropped in through my window saying they know I’m the drone thief and they want to meet, I felt like this is a trap but I can’t show up if I don’t they know where I live and they might go to the police and tell them who I am so I have to go. I wanted to look nice for the soul reason if I go to jail I can in style and look freaking great! By the time I arrive at the café I see a man sitting far from everyone else so I walk over and sit down and to my amazement the man in front of me is my twin brother Alex “wait Alex? I thought you went to Ireland? Why are you back here?” Alex only laughs at my confusion which gets me annoyed, he has always ignored the important questions and only answered the questions he wants to answer. “Well sister mine I wanted to work with you and your little machine-” “hell to the no! Last time you wanted to work with me you killed the buyer blew up my machines and you destroyed a thousand-year old body! So tell me why I should let you work with me?” angry and ready to kill my twin I fold my arms and glare at him  “well family doesn’t end it in blood if I’m correct” slamming my head on the table groaning I give in “fine! But if you break or kill the buyer or anything you’re so freaking dead you hear me? Alex nods and we go about the time planning a new job and this one might just be the biggest theft in all of Europe. We are going to steal the crown jewels from the queen of England. Since Alex is the age to be a guard at the palace he will kill a guard take his clothes and place and easily just walk right into the palace, step one is done, kill the guard and take his place, step two, wait until he’s guarding the crown, step three kill the other guarding the crown, then take the crown and run simple job. I’m standing by with the drone waiting for the signal from Alex. Finally after five long hours Alex gave the signal and I flew in taking the crown and off I went with the crown jewels. It was so easy to steal more priceless items with Alex helping me but I never thought he would let me get killed or caught until a year after us working together, he was acting weird weirder than normal so during the job the cops burst into my room slamming me to the ground and handcuffed me, and as I’m taken to the cop car I see my brother talking to a cop and I snap “WHAT HAPPENED TO FAMILY DOESN’T END IN BLOOD YOU LOW LIFE RAT?!” breaking my arms free I charge at my brother ready to break his nose until my body is hit with a taser and I’m on the ground screaming and rolling on my back. So this is the story of how my twin betrayed me for a whole year everything we stole was paid for and given back without my knowing and my brother was the cop who finally caught me and locked me away but I got my revenge on him, I paid someone to kill his wife and kids and on the wall written in their blood was the same words he said to me “family doesn’t end in blood” I was finally let out and soon found out my brother lost his mind from grief he shot himself in the head but did I care? No not at all, he betrayed me and I made him suffer the same way I suffered so now that I’m on the outside again I have no much work to do.  


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