It Blinked At Me

Suddenly, my reflection in the mirror blinked back at me. I smashed it into hundreds of pieces. That turned out to be a huge mistake. After I smashed the mirror there was a key hole with a skull key beside it I study it closely and notice it’s strange markings. It suddenly occurs to me what I must do next. I take the key and unlock the keyhole and a door opened but without thinking I went inside the dark portal and fell down straight down into nothingness. It felt like hours to me just falling with nothing around me just darkness. Bored out of my mind I reached out and felt something wet and squishy quickly I pulled my hand away and notice..blood? “Where the fuck am I?! This is madness! får meg faen outta here!” Finally I looked down seeing a red orange light but it took time for me finally get out and finally hit solid ground. Looking up I wished I stayed in the darkness because when I looked up I’m face to face with a male with horns and a tail? Ok please tell me this is one messed up dream. “Hello friend” this dark being purred out smiling showing the large fangs they hid behind their black lips. “good of you to drop down here and see me again it’s been so long since you were here” “wait hold on back up what in the seven pits of hell do you mean I’ve been here before?” they smile at this and pick me up walking through a graveyard and over to a grave with a stone rose and thorns wrapped around it giving it the beauty to last forever. “I mean once you died you vanished and you didn’t come back but now you did and I’m very happy you did, you see it’s been very boring without you here so the dead have been my play toys for a thousands years”. Pushing away from the demon I see my hands turning grey and black at the tips “stoppe denne!” I scream in fear of being something else something not human. “kan du stoppe det” I cried then as quick as it started to scream in pain as my spine is ripped out by this male and now I remember everything. “I made a mistake breaking my mirror and now I can never go home again unless this thing kills me again but who knows when that will happen. Thousands of years pass in this hell of a mirror portal and finally I’m able to crawl my way out but when I get to the mirror a person is looking into the mirror and I smash out from the other side and grabbed the person “sorry pal better you then me”. I tossed them in and the mirror fixed itself and I walked away like nothing happened “well let’s go blow some stuff up”.


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