Alone, I’m always alone but to be honest I’m not really alone, I have the voices so many lovely voices. Who the fuck needs social life when I have the voices in my head to keep me company hah and to think. Today I finally snapped I killed dear old dad, cut him up good after he hit mom again. He’s such a good father always coming home drunk of his poor ass and beating us like it our fault, today I beat him sliced him open and watched as he faced the same fear we had to fear. Mom was scared to see dear old dad dead on the floor and her only child standing over the body holding the same knife that stabbed him so many times. The cops came by but they didn’t take me away since they believed it was self-defence but really I wanted him dead and I couldn’t leave mom alone so I played along to stay with her, Mom is still heartbroken over the death of my older brother I couldn’t bare to leave her now. Dad killed him but he wasn’t taken away, they didn’t have proof that he killed James my older brother who was the one to protect me from our father’s drunken rage. After I killed dad was when the voices started to get louder, at first I could ignore them but now I welcomed them like family I haven’t heard from in so long. I killed mom today I couldn’t let her suffer anymore she didn’t have to live with this pain anymore, I helped judge her and she was innocent. So whatever god there is out there he will take her into his golden gates and she can be happy while for me I will keep judging the evil in this world and stuff it out. I am the judge and it’s time to face judgement, it’s time to face your sins head on, pray to whatever god you want, he can’t save you now.


It’s been four years since I judged mom and sent her to a better place and I’m called a hero because I keep judging so many evil people and letting the world know what they have done, no one is safe from me and their sins.


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