Among The Last

“Why did that person just sneak out the back window?” my mother stared at me with an angry look on her face and I just looked at the window then back at her “you saw it too?” the look I gave my mother she knew that I had no idea who or what that was so we just stared at the window where we noticed glowing eyes looking at us. My mother rushed to the window going to close it but this monster shoved it’s grey face inside the window and grabbed my mother’s head it hissed at her and pulled her body through the window into the night, hearing her scream made me freeze in fear but I grabbed my sneakers and a flashlight and I followed my mother’s screams but after I got so far into the woods they stopped spinning around trying to find any trace of my mother until I felt something warm and wet fall on my shoulder and run down my shoulder and arm. Slowly looking up I see my mother’s body just hanging there without her head, the body drops and the trees above me snap and move like something was climbing through them I don’t wait around to see what it is so I just run and sadly I run away from my house. Trees slap my cheeks as I run past them panting heavily tears burned my eyes as I felt something running behind me it’s fast and the footsteps are heavy due to it’s height as I ran to escape the same fate my mother faced I saw a figure about my height walking carefree so I run over begging for help grabbing their jacket I shove my face into them crying and begging for help and hearing them chuckle and wrap their arms around me I feel uneasy and try to pull away but he growls and grabs my hair yanking my head back so I’m staring at the monster that’s just standing there staring behind us watching. “Don’t you dare pull away from me you are mine I waited to long for you to be mine and I’m not letting you go now!” he yelled at me making me whimper in fear and nod as best I could “I wasn’t going to leave I just wanted to see your face” he kissed my jaw and I could feel him smile against my skin and I soon saw his face and I knew who he was his name is Eddie and he kept saying how he loves me but as soon as I look away from him or get pulled away by someone he goes insane by attack the said person beating them to a bloody pulp saying the have no right to touch a goddess like myself and he’s scared me “E-Eddie what is that?” I glance at the tall monster “just a little something I made to help me keep you safe from anyone who dares to try to take you from me, like that whore of a mother who tried to lock you away so I couldn’t see you and we couldn’t be happy” he kissed both my cheeks and we start to walk away I still feel scared knowing that monster is still behind us just watching me as if I’m a rabbit I’m sure Eddie knows I’m scared so he sends the monster away and the last thing anyone every heard of me was the night my mother’s body was found torn apart but her head was never found but that’s only because that thing ate her head and tossed the skull with the others it has collected over the past year and as for me I’m stuck here…with Eddie but he treats me like a princess and I will admit I had feelings for him at one point but now…it’s probably just the trauma of being locked away but I’ve come to love him and I want to stay with him forever. 


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