Not What They Think

I might be a little crazy for dating a vagabond but he works for the most powerful crime boss in town and our meeting was one that probably would be the most strange but meeting him that way was also what made me fall in love with him. Three years ago I was in a gas station buying simple things I needed for the week until a large group of people walked in not paying much attention until a gun shot filled my ears making me hide. “Why did you kill him? He was giving us the money!” hearing a deep chuckle I hide more against the wall covering my ears shaking. “oops sorry I couldn’t resist” hearing more gun fire outside then a huge explosion shook the building shake shelves fell and items went flying and one of the shelves above me covered me perfectly so I was hidden away from the world “COPS ARE HERE!” a new voice yelled from outside and gun fire ran out around me moments passed when a face appears in from of me they were on the floor covering their head then they saw me hiding “guys we have a civilian in here!” staring at the blood covered male then looking up at a tall buff male with a mask on “yeah boss we have a girl in here” The one I believe to be  the boss comes over and hands the blond one the bag full of money “take her out the back door and meet us at the boat” being taken out the back door and following the blond and masked criminals I’m happy to hear some officers speak to them but feeling someone grab my neck with a gun to my temple the calm side of me broke and I started to struggle but stop when the grip on my neck got tighter “let the girl go!” walking back with the masked one I’m pushed against the ladder and forced to climb with both men behind me the gun still pointed at me “Nice view” I could just hear the smirk from the masked one kicking him in the head he groans “Hey that was a compliment Jesus” moving faster we get to the roof and that’s when more gun fire rings out and off we ran. I followed them even when I didn’t have to but I did for some reason I wanted to stay with the masked one longer and he knew I was there but I guess he allowed me to stay since he put his gun away only to grab me and put me over his shoulder as I scream in pain a stray bullet shoots me through the thigh, the masked criminal vanished from the cops and lucky for the two of us we fell through a weak roof of an old warehouse the building collapsed from the lack of support meaning we were trapped. Hitting the floor the world went black. When I finally woke up the masked man was sitting against the wall and I could finally see his face and his eyes were a soul piercing baby blue and his hair was a dirty blond with a bit of bright blond mixed in I go to stand only to cry out and fall seeing my pant leg ripped off and tied around the wound stopping the bleeding “Don’t stand just yet you don’t want to put pressure on the wound or you could hurt the muscles more” sighing I lay down using my coat as a pillow “How long?” “three hours but I’m surprised you’re still alive since you hit your head on the way down but all you have is a bruise and a killer headache” looking at the collapsed ceiling I sigh and look at him “My name is Meg what’s yours?” his blue eyes stare at me and behind his eyes show little emotion “Vagabond and that’s all you need to know” “Isn’t a vagabond someone who travels from place to place without a home?” “Yes but I’m not going to tell you my real name just so you can tell everyone my name” nodding I lay down and touch my tight “Why did you help me? “You ask a lot of questions get some sleep I’ll make sure we get out of here and you get your leg looked at but for now just get some sleep” I was pretty tired but I didn’t want to trust him but then again I felt safe so I fell asleep and when I woke up again I felt warmth around me and I could feel someone’s breath on my neck so opening my eyes I see vagabond with his arms wrapped around me. To be honest he looked really cute when he sleeps even for a criminal I fell back asleep to once again feel arms around me but I was woken up with a bright light hitting my face whining I moved my face closer to the warm object hearing mumbles of voices I ignored them all to sleep into the warm mass that is holding me. I wake up in a bed with a long shirt on and to my left a pair of sweat pants, also seeing my thigh was wrapped in real medical supplies I put the pants on and walk out of the large room and into a freak penthouse where the group from the gas station sat on a large couch “hey look she’s awake” “Yeah I was sure James killed her” “HEY! I told you not to use my real name around citizens!” “sorry Jesus like it matters now? she’s here because of you” a fight broke out among James and the short one “Don’t worry about them boys will be boys and I should know I live with five of them” a pretty women stood beside me “and I was the one to change you and clean up your leg, I also kept the bullet I pulled from you if you want to keep it” she chuckles softly “I’m Lindsay by the way”  “Meg and thank you I was a little worried the masked one did” she chuckles and shakes her head “James maybe a killer but he wouldn’t do that he’s evil but not a monster trust me I know him like the back of my hand”. Years passed and I’m still living with the six criminals but a certain masked one gained my affection and today we are married and I work beside him as a hacker but I’ve never had to kill someone and I hope I never have to but in this line of work I just might have to.


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