Inside Fear

All I ever did was run away fear but I kept trying trying to rise up and beat my fear to the ground but all I did was run because I was to forget everything and start over again but It’s hard when this black shadow follows you around and slowly eat away at your very being. I’m talking about the fear everyone has, not being good enough for the people around you thinking you aren’t pretty like some girls or as buff as some guys but the truth is this fear really eats away at someone’s life and I’m here to tell you my story and how I beat my fear
My name is Meg and everyday I woke up seeing the tall shadow sitting at my desk watching me it’s large toothy grin and red eyes just staring into my very soul it’s already telling me how I should just vanished and die ignoring it like always I push the velvet covers off me I walk into my bathroom getting ready for school. Sitting on the bus with this shadow beside me telling me I should look like Beth who’s thin and her face is covered in so much makeup if she hit the back of her seat her face would come off but her was seen as the perfect being thin pretty and a cheerleader while I was a basic girl wavy dark hair and bright green eyes but I was seen as an outcast since my name wasn’t well known in this shit hole town or my parents weren’t important people but really truth is I’m happy with my life but a nagging fear of how I’m not good enough compared to others around me and I know one day I will be strong enough to fight back. Senior year in high school is the worst year with this fear mostly because prom graduation and other crappy things and other the past few years this shadow grew bigger and bigger until finally I found myself staring down from my third story window, thinking of all the things I have heard and dealt with I thought this would make it so much better but opening my eyes I fall backwards onto my bed looking at the tall hard shadow that had an angry scowl on it’s face. I called my two best friends and told them what I was going through and how this fear was slowly eating me away and for the first time in forever I cried but I stopped when the lines went dead only to jump as my friends burst into my room with movies soda and sweets in their arms “You are important and you don’t have to be like everyone else, being you makes you who you are and who you are is someone important to us so we will help you stand up to this and help push you forward” My name is Meg and this is the story of how I almost gave into my darkest fear, depression but I stood tall and I kicked it ass standing up for myself and fought back because I’m a strong women who can be anyone she wants and she doesn’t have to stand beside everyone else in this imperfect world so suck it and be who you want to be not who this world tries to force you to be.


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