Dear Mother,

Thank you for believing in me for everything and taking care of me over the years and pushing me to gain my goals but this letter is for you. You carried me for 8 months and you cared for me when I was a preemie baby, you kept me when others told you I would be deformed and have so many problems but you loved me and here I am 18 years later thanks to you and I love you for it not only because you are my mother but you are my best friend we may fight and get mad at each other but that’s because we are so similar in so many ways but sometimes that’s good and sometimes not so much. Mom if It wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here and I wouldn’t have done so many amazing things and when we separate this fall we will both cry but we will still be together because a mother daughter relationship is strong and I will always look up to you because you are so important to me and I love you. Mom you have been the shoulder I have cried on so many times you helped me find the person I love most, sometimes I think you had things planned just to get me and Cody together but enough about me I want to thank you and say I love you so much, without you I would be lost without you in my life. It’s hard to express my emotions on the computer so I promise you I will have your gift ready I put so much heart and emotions into it I just hope it’s as good as I hope it is. Mom when I read this to you and hand you the gift I hand made for you I you are happy with both of these things I wanted this gift to be something you couldn’t buy with money so you could have the only one in the world because like you I only have one Mother and no amount of money could get me a new one or replace the awesome Mom I already have.
                                                            Sincerely your middle child Cassidy


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