Remember Your Past


A small group of people talk in a bar of their past lives which they can remember and you overhear them talking surprised that a small group of six can also remember their old lives and you share your story
Setting my drink down I look over at the group and chuckles softly hearing how they all died you remember yours very well you were Jack The Ripper’s first victim even though you were a married woman, you were burned at the stake for being a witch when you were talking about your old life before that but the list goes on and now and now here you are laughing at these six men for their weak deaths, shot, batman wanna be, religious sacrifice, killed by a mob boss these men made you laugh. “Hey blondie what’s so funny huh?” the batman wanna be called out. “You, all of you thinking your deaths are so much better but really they are nothing compared to what I had to deal with” they pulled up a chair and I sat down “and I’m not blond” All of us shared our stories and turns out these guys are funny and they are surprised that someone else could remember their past lives “well I was jack the ripper and no one caught me so clearly I’m the best” slowly turning to him I stood up and sucker punched him in the jaw “you asswaggon you’re the one who murdered me for no reason! What was that all about?!” he rubbed his jaw “oh..uh well I wanted to get back at your husband..” groaning I sit down “well screw you then” taking a drink of my whiskey the room fell silent “I was on the Titanic and the story was wrong actually we never saw the iceberg it just hit while we were all sleeping”  Tucker speaks up killing the silence. “I was a king I was king Henry the 8th, I made history and probably divorce” Max shrugs drinking his beer. “What about you? You make history?” everyone turned to look at me “Yeah I did I was Joan of Arc” chuckling and taking the final drink of my whiskey I sigh “so I noticed the seven of us can remember all of our past lives but why? Did any of you think why we get to remember our old selves and no one else can?”  The group of six looked at each other than to me “well no actually but we just never really cared why we can remember our old lives but really it doesn’t matter but we keep making history so I’m sure it’s not that bad right?” David looked at all of us wondering if we felt the same way “well who is everyone now?’ “I’m david I make video games” “I’m ryan I’m an author” “I’m Max I’m a teacher” “I’m Tucker I’m a cop” “I’m Kerry and I’m a college teacher” “I’m Felix and I’m a firefighter” chuckling I sigh “well I’m Ruby and I’m nothing but a college student” they all smile “but a college student can become anything they want to be so don’t say you are nothing when you can become something very important if you wish to be” Smiling I shrugs “depends I’m studying in Criminal Justice so who knows I could be important just like I have been in all my old lives.” The seven of us talked all night and I found out Kerry is the English teacher at my college I just don’t have his class so I never knew it, Ryan is my favorite author and I have most of his books back in my room on my two large bookshelves, Max was my middle school math teacher, David was my favorite video game designer I had almost every game he ever made and Tucker was the cop that pulled me over for driving my best friend to the hospital when she was in labor and Felix was the firefighter that pulled me from my burning home when I was a young teenager so in some way all of us are connected in each life and we all laughed at how we all picked the same bar that night, a group of strangers come together with the same ability to remember their old lives. In their new lives they would come together and enjoy another night at the bar. Years passed, and Tucker was killed in the line of duty while Felix was also killed in a house fire, while the rest of the friends went to the two funerals they just had to wait for their friends to come back so they could go out for another drink and talk about their new death stories but it took longer for Tucker and Felix to come back and the five remaining friends split up they couldn’t look at each other anymore so each went their own way all except Ruby she tried to get her friends to come back since they were all she had left to a messed up family, A family she needed, and she lost them. Tucker and Felix finally came back, and the first thing they did was going to the bar and head to their table hoping to see their friends but all they saw was Ruby drinking alone with two bottles laying on the table “can I help you two?” the new Tucker sat down taking the drink from Ruby “That’s enough kid you’re going to hate yourself in the morning” “Tucker? Felix?” both men nodded “What the hell took you both so long? Everyone is gone…I lost my family all over again so why don’t you both just turn and, walk out that door since the others aren’t coming back they moved on…” Ruby paid her bill, and left getting in a taxi going home. Tucker and Felix got the group back together again all they needed was Ruby the second youngest of the group just two years behind David. “Ok so how are we going to find Ruby?” Kerry laughs “We go to the same college I’ll get her don’t worry but I just hope she’s still not mad at us for not listening to her about Tucker and Felix” Kerry went to find Ruby but when he asked her friend about her she started to break down in tears saying that Ruby died in a car crash last night which made Kerry go back to the group “Ruby she…she died last night in a car crash so we are waiting for her like she waited for the rest of us to come back” When Ruby came back she was now called Cassidy but she goes by Cas more. The others waited for her and when she came back she sat down and ordered her usual drink “sup losers be waiting long?” she waves and explains why she went by Cassidy, her grandmother wanted her to be the way she wanted her to be so she changed when she came back and she became the person she wanted to be and she was happier that way and everyone was glad she became someone she was happy with, and that she became the person she wanted to be and not the person she was forced to be. Years have passed and the world changed but the seven of them never did change still the same morons the first day they met and some of their lives even gave them the best adventures like working as a gang who went on amazing world trips making news about the banks their robbed and the rich people they stole from and then later killed for sport. Not once did the group of seven leave each other because they are family and family doesn’t end in blood even though the morons died so many times while doing a job but not once did they leave someone behind they waited and went to find them like they always did. Each person had a role and they played a special role but in every life Cassidy was always the mass killer because she just liked playing that role so her brothers and father figure don’t have to worry about witnesses seeing them or having to deal with annoying people, but she loves working with her family because that’s what they are family, she’s with people who love her and love to spend everyday with their younger sister. As years go on they finally stopped going on heist and just stopped everything and sadly they aged and finally lived their last life but they spent it with family and that last life was the best one any of them have ever lived and their family was the one that alway made it best because as the father of the group past away the last six stayed together and as they all slowly passed on into their new adventure Cassidy was the last to lay on her deathbed and finally when she died she was once again welcomed with open arms and a new adventure started but this time they never died or got hurt since all of them were dead and in the pearly gates.


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