Last Life

I wake up alone and wander around the town looking for any kind of life. At first I’m pumped no rules I can do anything I want so let’s go party!. I take my family car and drive down to Bangor to the mall, I got to my most favorite store Hot Topic and take whatever I want no one can stop me from doing so. Hour 5 and I’m still having some fun…ok that’s a lie I’m alone and I miss my friends and family I miss people I miss everything. I drive around and get gas exploring the US going to places I’ve always wanted to go to but it’s not as fun without friends or family so it’s all boring to me so I’m keeping a journal with me just incase someday people come back and they find this. I lost track of time and now I feel so alone with no hope has it been days? Weeks? I don’t remember and I don’t think it matters anymore no one is coming back but it doesn’t matter now I’m going back to the place where my life began back home in Arizona I want to go home to my childhood home and just see it one more time before I end my suffering and end my madness, I talk to myself and I created a new version of myself and I really don’t know what to call her…maybe she’s just my madness coming to life. I finally arrive back in Arizona my home my birthplace, wandering around I remember places and buildings I went to with my mother, my mother how I miss her, she was the one person who believed in me and now she’s gone so now I’m really alone and I have no one to help me, the world is empty no one is left and I wish I could remember what happened to everyone, I found there many dead bodies some worse than others. A memory hit me, voices screaming and begging for mercy, was I there? Was I one of the many screaming? I can’t remember now but if I can get more maybe I can find out what happened to everyone and why i’m still alive. I forget my plan to end my crappy life and go off and find more clues, I really feel insane but I sing anyway and sing a song soaked in pain. It takes a while for me to get everything together and finally put all the pieces together and I laugh and laugh finally remembering what happened to everyone. You see I killed them all everyone is dead and i’m the last one alive and this is a wonderful day. Finally I went home and shot a single bullet into my front lobe ending my mad life with a bang.


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