Devil’s Swing For Two

YðÙr DrÈÀm WiLl çØmË TrÛé  Μÿ DàRLÌñG

I’m a simple demon I use to work with humans but I was deceived and now I’m coming after them and there will be nothing left when I’m done with them. “ΥÓù LÎÉd Τó Mé! ÝòÛ βêΤrÁÿÊd Μè Ì ΤrÚšΤéD ÝðÚ!” ripped them apart I stab my pointed tail into his ratched body over and over laughing loudly until I saw a girl standing in the doorway of her old man’s office she looked at me dead in the eyes until she took off down the hall I could hear her pounding heart and this mortal being interested me very much like I meet her before and had a liking to her. Following the young women I found her locked in a closet I easily used my tail to break the lock I opened the door getting down to the girl’s level seeing her bright green eyes filled with fear “please don’t hurt me..” smiling a small grin I wiped her tears away “WòÑ’Τ DrÊåΜ òF ìΤ” gently pulling her from the closet I stood to be my full height I was about 7ft compared to this 5’2 ft girl “do you have a name? I’d rather not call you demon that would probably get annoying for both of us” “I dÒnΤ HåVè À nÂmÉ” she walks off and I follow again my bare feet tapping against the wooden floor. I wonder what she’s doing when she walks into a blue painted room and grabbed a pen and paper sitting down she started to write things down so I waited and just looked around the girl’s room “ÝòÚ nÉvËr ΤðLd Μé ÝðÛr ΝåΜê” she looks up and smiles “Lynn” I bowed to her to show respect “ΗéLlÒ LýΝñ”. Lynn soon showed me the paper with a long list of named but one stood out and I liked it the most “Î LìΚê LòΚì” Lynn smiles at me “Loki is a god of mischief so I had a feeling you would like that name but Loki can I ask something?…why did you kill my father?” Loki sat down on the floor and his tail laid on the floor before wrapping around his leg “ÝðÜr FátΗêR LìÊd Τó Μé…Ηé SâÌd Hê CäRêÐ BûΤ Ηê ÛsÊd Mé” “What did he promise you? and you don’t have to tell me if you wish not to” Loki shakes his head and explains to Lynn that her father promised to set him free if he worked for him but with Lynn’s fathers betrayal he locked Loki away and forced him to slave away and keep him locked up like all the others have before to use him for his magic and powers. I was a mortal girl who became friends with a demon named Loki but I slowly started to hate myself since I slowly started to fall in love with Loki and I hated myself because I knew a demon couldn’t or wouldn’t a mortal like myself so slowly I started to avoid Loki which I knew upset him and I knew he was confused by my actions and I had a feeling he would try everything to get it out of me but   until then I would stay silent. Night fell and I felt the covers get ripped off of me and I’m staring face to face with Loki “WhÝ hÁvÊ ÿÓú βëÊn ÀvðÎdîΝg Μê?” rolling away from him and rubbing my eyes I yawn softly  “Loki It’s four in the morning go away I have school” Loki seemed to growl and grabbed my arm making me face him “Ï wÓñΤ áŠk ÀgàÍn!” pulling my arm away I sit up “because I love you stupid! I didn’t want to get my hopes up or get deeper into these emotions” seeing the blank look in his eyes I knew what he was feeling so laying back down I covered myself back up and turned my back to him hoping to fall asleep again but I feel arms wrap around me and I see Loki holding onto me like I would vanish if he let go of me. Opening my mouth going to speak but I close my eyes finally falling asleep and waking up to a grey sky and a light tapping of rain hitting my window, Loki went missing but it only helped me get over the emotions I felt for him and over the month I finally got over those emotions meaning I was back to my old self before I met Loki which was sad and alone but at least I didn’t have to worry about a broken heart or worse. I now lived alone which was nice but also lonely so I started to look for a roommate and there he was at my door the next morning. “I’m here about the room” he smiled and I swear I’ve seen that smile before or those eyes…could it be? “Loki?…” he smiled more “It’s Michael now but yes” those same feelings started to pour back into me but this time I didn’t want them to leave me. Throwing my arms around his neck I held him close “asshole why did you leave? why didn’t you just tell me? I wouldn’t have cared if you left” Michael chuckles and wraps his arms around my waist holding me close to him “Sorry but I wanted to surprise you with this, this new me because I realized you can’t love a demon the way I looked so I left to find a way to be…human like” grabbing his face “demon human or what you’re still my demon and I don’t want you to leave me again and your looks weren’t the reason I fell in love with you stupid I fell in love with you because of your personality, and who you are not looks, but thank you for thinking of me that means a lot to me” Michael and myself have been together for years now and we are married plus we now have our first baby on the way which Michael promises the baby won’t have horns or a tail but the baby will be like their father a demon but not in appearance demon or not I will love my child became I have danced with a demon and I wouldn’t take that back in a million years to me this is just a messed up beauty and the beast but no curse since Michael was always beautiful in my eyes and he’s perfect to me in everyway.


It takes two to dance the tango. 


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